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Are you noticing a serious reduction of speed on your CPU recently? Is your computer dragging to open up windows or other programs?This is a typical problem for most people that have had a system any length of time. The good news is this article will show you how to fix the computer CPU speed – how to change it, and most importantly, keep it running at optimal performance. For the normal everyday computer user trying to fix hardware is just not advisable. You can end up with a bigger problem than what you started with.Okay, without getting into some techno geek talk, let us get right down to it. Eventually, using your CPU daily, it begins to start storing big files of information in the registry so that when you start it again it knows what to do, and what functions to perform. The cause of your system getting sluggish is that whenever the registry needs to pull up these stored files and sort through the entries it takes longer and longer based on new files being created each time you use your computer. Each time you surf the internet for example, the cookies and temp files are stored. Due to this the registry needs cleaned out on a regular basis.So the question is how do you clear out the registry?Simple actually, there are numerous registry cleaners on the web that will take care of this for you. Most all good programs offer an easy free install, and once you do this it scans your system to let you know what needs to be corrected.No adjustments are needed for settings on your computer since the registry cleaner clears out all fragmented and unnecessary files for you, and in minutes your system will perform just as it did when it was new. If you happen to be a technical buff and like working on hardware settings, I would suggest doing a Google search for a hardware forum, which can give you plenty of advice on doing it yourself. But, why even bother when for a minimal cost and clicking a couple of buttons your system can be running like new.Most CPU performance situations are due to registry problems. So now you know how to fix the computer CPU speed- how to change it, and revive your computer back to optimum performance level. Below find out about the top recommended registry cleaner on the market today.

The Thin Line Between Microcontroller 8051 Tutorial Connecting Embedded C Programming – Computer Program and Techno

Every now and then any techno enthusiast opens up a computer system he can automatically get to visualize some tiny microcontrollers attached to the motherboard of the same that handles all the internal functionalities of the same. Also there are many such chips that work out on embedded C programming language platform. In addition to these, the entire input and output operations of any electronic device can honestly be performed by an embedded microcontroller that supports all the instructions carried by the device in which these are installed. Moreover, there are many highly recommended books and other magazines that offer complete information on programming microcontrollers in C not just for fun but also in grabbing the basics of the same.On this date perhaps there might be innumerable websites on the World Wide Web platform where most sought information on the microcontroller 8051 tutorial can be extracted at ease by simply being online. There requires no addition of a software application to even download such highly informative microcontroller tutorial where fundamentals on the same can effectively used in any science based projects and assignments. However, the entire knowledge to understand the grass root concepts of embedded C programming can be best found in those books where the beginners can also get some ideas on such a wide topic.It is not that only the adults or the aged section of the society are found on this date to download those microcontroller programming tutorial e-books just by getting online from the Internet. But if at all one cares to conduct a survey to count the heads as to how many young kids as well as teenagers are interested in grasping knowledge from programming microcontrollers in C; the figures will undoubtedly leave an observer in a stupefied state.This is because we all belong to the generation of enthusiasts where speed and accuracy seems to be the backbone behind any subject or topic hunted on the World Wide Wed platform. So in such a milieu; the factor that describes the burning facet of gaining more in less time as compared to invest behind any topic is also found to be valid for these microcontroller 8051 tutorial e-books what so ever. The same scenario can also be noticed for an embedded microcontroller that is used for navigating all the instruction of a computer system.